Why Après Vélo?

"I love Mallorca because this island has been created from the same energy as the love". Dalai Lama.

Our objective with the APRÈS VÉLO Cycle Tour is to provide you with an unforgettable cycling experience where you truly Live the Ride, experience the dream, feel the energy and embrace the paradise of Mallorca.
Après Vélo founder and owner, Leonard Greis is a cycling fanatic with an appetite for travel and discovery both on and off the bike. Leonard's philosophy is rooted in the Après Vélo mantra "LIVE THE RIDE", where the journey continues long after the wheels stop spinning. Having been fortunate enough to experience cycling through many countries, Leonard has found his cycling mecca in Mallorca, Spain.

Leonard and his team have set about creating a unique boutique cycling tour, where all participants will experience epic rides, beautiful landscapes, culinary delights and relaxation. Be embraced by Spanish culture, discover newly found friendships and enjoy incredible weather. The tour has been designed for those seeking to experience a holiday like no other. It's for this very reason that we have left no stones unturned in attempting to provide the very best that Mallorca has to offer in the space of 7 days.

Whether you're seeking challenging rides across the Tramuntana mountain ranges, or the simple pleasure of traversing open rural landscapes or the coastline of Mallorca, Après Vélo will take you on a riding and culinary adventure like no other.

We believe that Mallorca is possibly the greatest destination in the world for road cyclists.
There are a multitude of reasons why Mallorca is such a special place to be inspired whilst Living the Ride:-

  • The weather is fantastic and predictable, especially from Mid September (18-27c)
  • Mallorca offers riders of different abilities great opportunities across flat terrain and doable mountain passes.
  • You will love Mallorca's stunning coastline rides whilst admiring the ocean with its hidden coves and crystal blue waters
  • Close your eyes and try to imagine the perfect cycling climb. What would it look like, and what would it contain?
    It would be not too long but not too short; not too steep but not too shallow. It would have a nice steady gradient, but with a couple of ramps to keep you on your toes. Naturally, the scenery should be spectacular. Ideally, it would feature a cafe somewhere, serving good coffee. The weather should be warm and pleasant, the road surface smooth and predictable. Of course, it would have to have hairpins. Lots of hairpins. Maybe even a hairpin that loops round on itself as the road descends and goes under an bridge. What you've just imagined actually exists. It¹s on the island of Mallorca, and it's called Sa Calobra, one of the main reasons why cyclists come to Mallorca.
  • Exceptional roads with incredible and diverse scenery on every ride we do.
  • Easy accessibility to all our rides, hence the advantage of being based in one location throughout the tour.


Spend silent moments cycling through the olive groves and wine region, and you'll soon fall for the quiet charm of Mallorca's hinterland.

From the carefully selected ride routes, boutique and unique 15th Century Spanish castle accommodation, to savouring the tastes and sights that Mallorca has to offer, your sensory overload will enhance your life experiences.
Immerse yourself in the local fabric of life in Mallorca, which is so often expressed through food and wine, and the sharing of stories around the table with newly acquired friends.

Eating out in Mallorca has never been more exciting, with chefs adding a pinch of creativity and spice to the city's food scene. Inland, restaurants serve hale-and-hearty dishes to perfection, pairing them with locally grown wines. On the coast, bistros keep flavours clean, bright and simple, serving the catch of the day with spectacular sea views.

We understand the difficulties often associated with cyclists embarking upon a tour but not knowing how best to accommodate their non riding partners in an equally inspiring way, especially when a cycling tour is often part of a longer holiday in Europe. That's why we have been motivated to design a tour that not only caters for, but supercharges the senses of non riding partners whom we encourage to come along and experience the holiday of a lifetime.

As part of the Après Vélo Cycling Tour experience, non-riding partners will be personally hosted by Naomi with a select range of morning activities (whilst the cyclists are out spinning), designed to meet the interests of the group, and the best experiences that Mallorca has to offer.

Riders and non-riding partners share all breakfasts, dinners and long lunch experiences, making it an inclusive and shared experience for all.






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